Wednesday, June 30, 2010

George Wyndham and the art of writing letters

Today we feature a truly old-fashioned guy. Mr. George Wyndham, an Englishman from the turn of the century who loved writing letters. So much so that it has taken two thick volumes to collect all the letters he wrote. The second volume alone has more than 800 pages. Any of Wyndham's descendants out there? If there are any descendants, they might enjoy reading some of this letters that he wrote to his mother, his sister, his father, his brother, etc. It is beautiful because he left for us a window into a time long-gone. He wrote about politics, diplomacy, and every day life.
If you'd like to read some of his letters, please email:


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (the lesser known Rembrandt). Dutch painter and etcher of some renown.

Today we will discuss a Dutch painter with a famous name. He is Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. He lived in the 1600's and is described on the title page of his biography simply as "a painter and etcher of some renown." Even though he's introduced with such underwhelming line, it seems that he was important enough to merit a 570-page biography with lots of illustrations.
This photograph comes from the book "The Life and Times of Rembrandt van Rijn." The book was published in 1930, but it really took a long time to be finished. The original author started working on the book way back in the 1600's. Work was interrupted for a few centuries until the author's great-great grandson nine times removed picked up the thread again and brought the book to light. Well, here it is. Any living relatives out there? I'll be happy to share some more details with you.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruth Brinker, member of the class of 1931 at Keokuk Senior H.S., Iowa

This picture is part of a mint-condition copy of the 1931 year book from Iowa's Keokuk Senior H.S.
Ruth Brinker, the young lady pictured here, was described in the year book as "the perfect artist at falling in love. Her poems reflect whom she's thinking of." She's also mentioned as being a member of Orchesis, a group described as "an interpretative dancing organization whose membership consists of girls who are interested in dancing, music, art and expression."
That's what we know about her.
Now, she graduated high school in 1931. That was a very difficult year. She was joining the work force in the thick of the Great Depression. We don't know how she managed or if she managed at all. We'd like to hear the rest of the story. Anyone out there with some information about Ruth Brinker or the rest of the class of 1931. Please share with us the next chapter on this saga.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

His novel was written in the years following WWII and published in 1948.

I saw this old novel in a used book sale and it caught my eye because, on the jacket, there was a nice description of the author. This guy was living the good life in the years following WWII. So much so that he took three years off just to work on his novel. The story line takes place in France and other places in Europe so I assume that he traveled to Europe to do his research. All this while feeding a wife and four daughters in his Connecticut home. Ahhh, those were the days!! It sure is different now in 2010 with so many people out of work. Back in 1948 this guy still had his job waiting for him when he returned from his leave of absence three years later.
Again we welcome anyone who knows the next chapter on this life, please help us fill in the blanks.
What happened next to Mr. Lawrence Schoonover?


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cherokee grandma gives cooking lessons to youngsters. Late 1940's.

Today we take a look at a picture of Aggie Lossiah, grand-daughter of Cherokee Chief John Ross. She is demonstrating the art of Cherokee cooking to a couple of members of the younger generation. This photo appears in the book "Cherokee Cooklore," published in 1951 by the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The book was written by Mary Ulmer and Samuel E. Beck as they gathered recipes and photographs from Cherokee elderly women. The book contains not only recipes, but also an extensive discussion on herbs, wild foods, history and feasts.
I invite all Cherokees, as well as other Native American Tribes, to contribute historical material to this blog so it may be shared with the wider world and future generations.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Leatrice Joy Mayfield, member of the class of 1941 at Holtville Union H.S. in California.

The summer of 1940 was a memorable one for the lovely lady featured in today's blog. That summer she was crowned Queen of the County Fair at the Imperial Valley in Southern California. On the following year the Mirage year book mentions that she served as secretary to the student body, participated in Girl Reserve, Glee, class secretary, student body treasurer, drama and Saga. Her major was commerce and she was always hanging out with Wanda Arndt or Hellen Miller.
Six months after her graduation the attack on Pearl Harbor took our nation into WWII.
This blog is requesting anyone who has the continuation of the thread to help us continue the life story of the characters featured here. I welcome contributions and ideas from visitors.

To see more photos of the class of 1941, double-click on the image for June 22's blog entry.

God Bless You,


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teru Miyahara, part of the graduating class of 1941 from Holtville Union High School in California.

In June of 1941 Teru Miyahara, the lovely lady pictured here, was celebrating her high school graduation. Her high school year book describes her in this manner: "diminutive and quiet, specializes in arts and crafts and can usually be found with Mitsuye Nimura." She was part of the Girl Reserve, tennis team, Glee club, Saga, and part of the editorial staff for her year book. Her major was commerce. A world full of dreams and possibilities was waiting before her. Then only six months later, on December 7 of that same year the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt declared war the following day.
Teru Miyahara's world fell apart shortly thereafter. People of Japanese descent on the U.S. mainland were seen as potential enemies. The authorities notified Japanese families to report to certain "screening centers." They were given only two or three days notice to settle their affairs. Most of them held "fire sales" of all their belongings. They were forced to endure insulting offers for valuable items. Neighbors would make outrageous offers such as $500 for their house. Japanese Americans had no choice but to accept.
Here is lovely Teru Miyahara looking straight into the future on this year book photo. We don't know what happened to her. We invite anyone with information to share with us the next chapter on this story. Miss Miyahara also had a few other fellow Japanese-American students graduating with her on that same year. Their names were Rayo Matsushige, Isamu Sammy Mori, Mitsuye Nimura, Takeshi Seriguchi, and Takashi Sumi. Did they all go together to the interment camps in Utah? If you know, please fill in the blanks for us.


To see photos of Teru Miyahara's classmates double- click on the image for June 22's entry.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alphabetical list of all the names featured on this album.

Hi, everyone:
Slowly but surely I am making progress towards my objective of creating a respectable digital archive where fellow researchers can come to look for pieces of memorabilia on their family history.
Here I provide a list of all the names for which I have some kind of information, be it poems, essays, bigraphical sketches or school photos. All of the records date from 1960 or earlier. To take a look at one of the individual names, just go to yesterday's blog entry (June 22, 2010) and double click on the image. That will take you to the entire album showing all the entries.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

View documents online

Hi, everyone.
If you double click on the image to the right you will be able to see the
first installment of documents I have managed to scan and upload on the web so far. There are more to come. I will sort them out and organize them into different categories as time goes by.


William Edward Murray, part of the graduating class of 1941 from Holtville Union High School, Holtville Cailfornia.

Hi: I saw this picture on a 1941 year book from Holtville Union High School, California.

The young man pictured here is William Edward Murray. He was the editor of the year book, honor student and class vice president. He was graduating from high school in June of 1941. Just six months later, on Dec. 7 1941 (a day that will live in infamy) maybe all his dreams, plans, and ambitions were put on hold. What happened to him? Was he drafted? Did he run to the recruitment office to enlist in the army? I don't know. All I know is that there are many other young men like him pictured in the old year book.
Tomorrow I will feature two other pictures from that same graduating class, but facing very different circumsances.
Anyone interested in seeing more photos from the 1941 yearbook of Holtville Union High School, please contact


Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Lost Heirlooms

Hi, every one. Welcome to the "Lost Heirlooms" blog.

This blog will be dedicated to the service of the community of genealogy researchers who are looking for new pieces of information to add to their family archives. This blog will help gather, manage, and store the digital images of old magazine articles, newspaper photos, and old books from 1960 or older. I hope other researchers will also contribute new pieces of information as they find them. Today I begin with a theological essay written by Brown Landone way back in 1927. I rescued this piece from a used book sale at the San Marino Library.
I invite everyone to visit this blog often to browse thorugh pieces such as this. Who knows? Maybe one day you will find a book written by grandpa. Or maybe you'll find the old year book from grandma's high school graduation. In any case, you are bound to learn something and get a good laugh as you look at some of these old pieces.
Good luck with your research.
German Calderon