Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Lost Heirlooms

Hi, every one. Welcome to the "Lost Heirlooms" blog.

This blog will be dedicated to the service of the community of genealogy researchers who are looking for new pieces of information to add to their family archives. This blog will help gather, manage, and store the digital images of old magazine articles, newspaper photos, and old books from 1960 or older. I hope other researchers will also contribute new pieces of information as they find them. Today I begin with a theological essay written by Brown Landone way back in 1927. I rescued this piece from a used book sale at the San Marino Library.
I invite everyone to visit this blog often to browse thorugh pieces such as this. Who knows? Maybe one day you will find a book written by grandpa. Or maybe you'll find the old year book from grandma's high school graduation. In any case, you are bound to learn something and get a good laugh as you look at some of these old pieces.
Good luck with your research.
German Calderon

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