Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruth Brinker, member of the class of 1931 at Keokuk Senior H.S., Iowa

This picture is part of a mint-condition copy of the 1931 year book from Iowa's Keokuk Senior H.S.
Ruth Brinker, the young lady pictured here, was described in the year book as "the perfect artist at falling in love. Her poems reflect whom she's thinking of." She's also mentioned as being a member of Orchesis, a group described as "an interpretative dancing organization whose membership consists of girls who are interested in dancing, music, art and expression."
That's what we know about her.
Now, she graduated high school in 1931. That was a very difficult year. She was joining the work force in the thick of the Great Depression. We don't know how she managed or if she managed at all. We'd like to hear the rest of the story. Anyone out there with some information about Ruth Brinker or the rest of the class of 1931. Please share with us the next chapter on this saga.


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