Sunday, June 27, 2010

His novel was written in the years following WWII and published in 1948.

I saw this old novel in a used book sale and it caught my eye because, on the jacket, there was a nice description of the author. This guy was living the good life in the years following WWII. So much so that he took three years off just to work on his novel. The story line takes place in France and other places in Europe so I assume that he traveled to Europe to do his research. All this while feeding a wife and four daughters in his Connecticut home. Ahhh, those were the days!! It sure is different now in 2010 with so many people out of work. Back in 1948 this guy still had his job waiting for him when he returned from his leave of absence three years later.
Again we welcome anyone who knows the next chapter on this life, please help us fill in the blanks.
What happened next to Mr. Lawrence Schoonover?


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