Thursday, July 1, 2010

Champion Dog

Today's entry is about a dog who can be described as the equivalent of the little engine that could.
This Cocker Spaniel was nothing special at birth. Nobody saw any promise in him. Then by 1957
Prince Tom had developed into a polished and confident guy. He became the first American cocker
to win the National Field Trials. It must be said, however, that this blog is not about dogs, but about
people. So let's focus on the people who helped him become a champion. His instructors at the
obedience school were Jim Norris, Gladys Farrand, and Sophia Washburn. His professional handlers
were Bub Knodle and Ruffie Eakin. Then his official "biographers" were Tom Clute and Jean Fritz.

Again I call on our readers to contribute information to continue the story of this dog and all the
kind people who helped him.

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