Monday, July 12, 2010

Ruth Berolzheimer

In 1940 the publication of a book might have had
a great deal to do with raising awarenes towards a
vegetarian diet. The book was "250 Ways to Serve
Fresh Vegetables," written by Ruth Berolzheimer.

This book was remarkable for many reasons.
(1) It emphasized the idea that vegetables ought
to be served fresh.
(2) It offered and endless number of suggestions
to make vegetables more appealing.
(3) It provided lots of information on the mineral
and vitamin contents.
(4) It offered guidance on how to cook the
vegetables to preserve their nutritional value
to the max.

Even though the book was published in 1940,
it still looks 100% fresh and relevant. The cooking
advice, the dish presentation, and the nutritional
guidance are as valid today as they were 70 years
ago when this book was first written. I wish I could
say the same thing for the technology of the 1940s.

God bless you,


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