Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trapp Family

Today we take a look at an all time favorite. A real classic:
"The Sound of Music".
I discovered this little paperback in a second hand store
and it really surprised me to learn that the characters in
the classic movie are based on real people. The movie
script is also based on a real-life story. Moreover, here is
the heroine herself narrating her story in the first person.
Her name is Maria Augusta Trapp and, through 380 pages
she takes us on a journey from the Tirol to Salzburg to
Vienna and across the mountains to the Italian border.
I have learned that Maria's name was really Maria and
she was indeed cloistered in an Abbey when she was sent
on a special assignment to help the widower navy captain
von Trapp. If you know the story, you'd love the extra
details splahed all across this book.

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