Friday, July 23, 2010

George Ade

Front cover of a book published in 1899.
From a time capsule buried deep in the contents of a yard
sale, comes to us this little jewel of sarcasm and allegory.
It is a book of very short but poignant fables written more
in the style of Spanish author Samaniego, rather than in
the classic style of Aesop.
The characters in the stories here are not animals, but
more often ridiculous people facing humbling circumstances
and, more often, facing their own arrogance.
Mr. Ade has made one important concession to the
classic style of fable writing by adding a moral to the
end of every story. Some of these lines are worthy
of being classics themselves. Take these few

(1) "Always select the right sort of parents before you
start in to be rough."
(2) "A dramatic editor should never go to a Burgoo
Picnic - especially in Kentucky."
And my personal favorite:
(3) Some women should be given the right to vote.

The book also includes some mavelous illustrations
by Clyde J. Newman.

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