Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thomas Babington Macaulay

The excerpt shown above is from a 1903 book titled:
"Macaulay's Life of Samuel Johnson." Macaulay was
a noted Scottish biographer. The introduction for
this book was written by Charles Lane Hanson, an
English Language teacher. The table of contents
lists four discussions about Macaulay:
(1) An introduction to Macaulay.
(2) Macaulay and his literary contemporaries.
(3) The Study of Macaulay.
(4) Macaulay on Johnson.
This is what is said about Zachary:
"His father, Zachary, did a large business as an
African merchant. This earnest, precise, austere
man was so anxious for his eldest son to have a
thoroughly tained mind that he expected a deliberation
and a maturity of judgement that are not natural to
an impetous lad."

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