Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thomas Russell Ybarra

Today we turn our attention to an immigrant from
Venezuela residing in Boston and New York. Thomas
Russell Ybarra was writing articles for magazines in
New York as early as 1907. He was born in Caracas
in 1880. He grew up traveling between Boston and
Caracas, but always gravitated towards the literary
circles of NYC.
This photograph comes from his book called
"The Young Man From Caracas," published in 1941.
The book is a mixture of autobiography and
memoirs with several nice illustrations from the
author's early days.
Reading this book is an immersion into a
different era.

Now, I call on my readers to contribute some more
information on the continuation of this story. Where
did Tom Ybarra end up? Any descendants out there?

The moderator

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