Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ernest Holmes

Self-improvement course on a 45RPM record.

I found this record on a yard sale. It caught my attention because
it was the only spoken word record among many other music ones.
It is a real throw back to a time of turntables, but at the same time
it is still fresh and relevant. In fact lots of motivational speakers are
still selling materials like this right now. The only difference is that now
they come out in DVDs or Blue Ray or some other current technology.
Holding this record in my hands also makes me think about today's
technology with a new perspective. It makes me realize that in the
blink of an eye the MP3s and Iphones and what-have-you new
gadgets we hold so dear now will be out of style. Tomorrow we will
find them in the trash or in yard sales and nobody would pay more
that a dime for an Iphone.
The motivational speaker featured on the cover of this 45 rpm
record is Ernest Holmes. No information about him is provided,
except to tell us that he is also the author of "Science of Mind" and
"This Thing Called Life." This self-improvement course was
supposed to go on for 52 weeks. "Each recorded lesson," the cover
says, "is a powerful, dynamic guide, full of creative ideas for fuller
and richer living."
The particular lesson shown here is called "The Power That
is Within You." Other titles in the series were: "You are a
wonderful person," "The Mind That is Within You," "Spiritual
Shock Absorvers," "Man Against Himself," "The Prayer That
Gets Results," "How To Improve Your Personality," "Self
Reliance," "How To Have Security," "The Power of Affirmative
Thinking," "Pray and Prosper," "Getting the Most Out of Life,"
and "How to Give a Spiritual Mind Treatment."
One of the attractive features about these lessons was that
they were "recorded on long-playing, high-fidelity pure
unbreakable vinylite records at 45 RPM." Oh yeah!! That is
what I called high tech.

God bless you all,


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